Search Engine Optimisation

Rank Your Business Higher On Google With SEO

Advantages Of SEO

No Ad Spend – The biggest benefit of search engine optimisation is that you get customers without having to spend any money on ads!

High Quality Leads – The leads that you get from SEO are very high quality because they are actively searching for your product or service, they just don’t know who to give their money to yet!

Credibility – Being at the top of Google helps to give you more credibility, increasing your trustworthiness and making the selling process far easier.

How SEO Works (Simplified)

Keyword Research – We begin by researching what people are typing into Google when looking for your product or service. We make a list of the most popular searches and how many searches there are per month.

Website Changes – Next we change your website to include those keywords in various ways and emphasising their importance within the coding of your website.

Create High Quality Backlinks – A backlink is when another website has your website linked on theirs. Think of these as kind of like online referrals. Google detects these and increases the value of your website. The higher the quality of website you are listed on the better Google will rank you. Get listed on spam websites and it may actually hurt your ranking.

Much More – This is just an oversimplified explanation so you have a basic understanding of a couple techniques.

How Long Before You See Results Of SEO

When Results Start – Most of our clients start getting new customers within 2 months but it usually takes about 6 months to maximise the full benefits of SEO.

Low Competition – If you are in an industry where not many of your competitors are doing SEO work, it will be a much shorter time frame. In some industries we have ranked clients in the top 3 for multiple searches and getting new customers in just over a month.

High Competition – Businesses that are in a higher competitive industry usually start to see new customers coming in after 2-3 months from when we get started.

What Is The Cost Of SEO

$297 – Per month

Billed Monthly – No lock in contracts