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Note: Facebook and Instagram are both owned by Meta Platforms. Ads will run across both platforms simultaneously without any additional effort.

Advantages Of Facebook / Instagram Ads

Fast Results  – Most of our clients start getting leads within a couple of hours from when their ad is launched.

Affordability – Facebook & Instagram ads can be run for as little as a couple of dollars a day or you can spend thousands depending on how much work you need.

Targeted Audience – Meta allows you to target who your ad is shown to in multiple different ways such as; Age, gender, location, interests and more.

Huge Active User Base – Meta has billions of active users across their platforms.

Remarketing Capabilities – The ads can be set to retarget previous website visitors or engage with users who have interacted with your content or ads, increasing probability of purchases.

Multiple Ad Options – There are multiple ways to run ads. You can direct the customer to your website, start a message conversation, fill in a lead form, have them call you and many other alternatives.

Ability To Pause – If you are going away on holidays or have too much work coming in, then you can simply stop the ads and turn them back on when you need more work.

How Facebook / Instagram Ads Work

Decide What You Want To Sell – We will help you create an offer that will sell.

Design – We will design the images and we will write the ad for you.

Launch The Ad – Don’t just boost your post. We will setup your ad campaign through the ads manager section of Meta and optimise targeting for you.

Monitor & Adjust – We will keep an eye on the ad to see how it is performing and make adjustments as needed.

How Long Before You See Results Using Meta Ads

Fast Results – Results are pretty much instant with social media ads and most of our clients have new leads coming in within a couple hours of launching the ad.

Our Fee To Run Meta Ads

FREE Trial – Test our services completely free for 21 days

$297 – Per Month for basic package (picture ads only)

Billed Monthly – No lock in contracts

Example Of 4 Different Ads We Ran For A Local Cosmetic Business:

 These ads are a perfect example of how even with a low budget you can still get amazing results using Facebook and Instagram ads.

There are 2 different services being promoted and each service brings in over $1,000 of revenue per customer on average.

One set of ads sends them to a website where they can get more information about the service.

The other starts a conversation on messenger where the customer can communicate with a staff member from the business.